Monday, 18 April 2011


A further installment of CHALK TALKS snapped around town today:)

Haha, this one would probably be more legible in another colour;)


  1. They are an interesting set of images. I wonder what the one about the eyes means. Did you know where they all were before hand, or were they all moments of serendipity?

  2. "Lif is too" short I picked up from a newspaper sometime in the last few months.
    Second is an Anais Nin quote - lovely, isn't it?
    Third I came up with myself (I think, unless I did read it somewhere at some point and it got stuck at the back of my mind for a long long time). I like it mainly because the ambiguous meaning of "fine dust" gives it a slightly dark twist. Fine is beautiful, exquisite, delicate and minute all at once. "Dust" is both the particles we are made of, and the waste we are destined to become.
    Glad you liked it:)
    The final one is also something I randomly thought up while waiting for a bus that never showed:)