Monday, 18 April 2011

Fantastic findings!

Today was probably the most efficient day of my life! Thousands of errands to run, wrapping things up for my trip to Central America which begins... this Wednesday! Bloody hell..! :D
Here are snapshots of my day's non-chalk achievements:

What is this you ask? Quite possibly the best thing for a trip you could ever imagine randomly finding in a charity shop! Inflatable crossword beach ball IN A CAN!!! £1.49 :)

Bargain vintage painting (£15!) I got from the new junk and furniture shop on Clarendon Park Road. I forgot to note down what the shop is called - it's only been open for two weeks.

Oh yeah! For a few months now some empty/abandoned shop fronts around the city centre have been functioning as Leicester propaganda galleries. The old SPAR on Granby street is definitely a gem ;)

Upon my return I was pleased to find Mr. Orange has had a very busy day also.

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  1. I think it's called White Elephant?? I adore the shops around there. There's one on the corner called STUFF which sells fireplaces and other Old Things :D