Thursday, 24 September 2009

Recorded conversations

It's what I like most: worlds colliding. The soulless cool of modern technology with the warmth of handmade memorabilia. These embroideries remind me of the sickeningly sweet "home sweet home" needleworks, but with a twist of modern substance!
It may be even fair to say that Miss Bufardeci invented a new form of "written" language! Good concept.
Here's an idea! You could combine buckets of spare time with strongly obsessive tendencies and devote yourself to stitching up a significant (or random) conversation with your person of interest! And they'll either love you for it, or think you're the unsalvagable weirdo and geek. Which, of course, you are, if you're reading these words:)

13 captured telephone conversations - all one minute long (2006)
by Louisa Bufardeci
Warrantless, wireless, telephone tapping – how does it affect the sanctity of the domestic space?
"(Louisa Bufardeci) captures the sense of paranoia generated by the idea that anyone could be listening in, anytime. These particular thirteen conversations are sourced from a mixture of conversations from history known to have been tapped, conversations from my private home, and conversations between abstract people."

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