Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My enameled butterflies

I finally got a chance to get some decent-enough snaps of my collection of enamelled butterflies (plus one tiny dragonfly;). My vintage precious treasures! Sometimes I just... look at them! They are sooo pretty shimmering in the light...
Gathered via Etsy, ebay and the Leicester market. Behold!

Some of these pins, and pretty much all the pins I'd like to have, are made with what is reffered to as "guilloche" enamel. Guilloche is a process of enameling where translucent enamel (fused glass) is applied over a metal surface that has been engraved in some way - often with a spirograph design. The end result is a very intricate and delicate effect. This technique also helps keep colors separate before the glass dries and sets. And that's how the variety of butterfly wing designs comes to life:)
I don't really know for sure what attracts me so much to these pins. Color? Lustre? Variety? The fact that they look so much more like real butterflies than any plastic or precious stone equivalents?
They sure have the shimmy-shimmy factor. And if anything, that's enough to have me hooked!:D


  1. i had no idea there were so many of them :O

  2. & I have enough love for all of them!:)