Sunday, 7 December 2008

B&W dress? Yes Yes Yes!

The elusive little black-and-white dress is not for the faint hearted! It is loud-and-proud and needs an adventurous personality to go with it!
We're talking as close to the 50:50 color ratio as you can get + a simple to follow classic design - anything more "mixed" and you risk looking like a journey through the intestinal system of some vertebrate was a part of the creative process somewhere.
Keep it simple and it's an instant wardrobe gem.
Effect on the audience: men think you're hot; girls either think you're hot or too hot and so want to bite your head off and steal your clothes (but the stains would ruin the dress in the first place so what's the point).
And remember - with all the theatrical, tactical and eastern philosophical meanings to explore you'll never get bored of this outfit!
All the dresses were up for grabs on eBay at the time of the post.

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