Sunday, 7 December 2008

Katy Moran's abstract wonders!

"Moran's gestural marks come enticingly close to suggesting landscapes or beings of some ambiguous kind, but always stop just short of becoming clear-cut representations. Looking at her slurred and dynamic spaces, one feels as if invited into her studio to witness something of the tactile and aromatic ritual of the painterly struggle." The Guardian

So this is the first food for thought I'd like you to nibble at - Katy Moran's work. It's so... seductive. Abstract art does not normally appeal to me, but her paintings are just so... perfect! Rich in structure and content. Balanced yet incidental. Chaotic and calm. A really good blend of intellectual and emotional experience.
The paintings are so busy my eyes are constantly moving from one brush stroke to another and after months of admiring I still struggle to recall my favourites with my eyes shut.
The soothing and serene quality comes I think from the colours. And the "light" in them really does have something of the 18th century french masters... And the whole concept of "light" is quite ingenious - you can't really pinpoint where the light is but your brain is somehow reading it into the whole experience.
Finally I love the paintings for their ambiguity. And the fact that both the thick-layered paint and the meaning of her work seem moldable, wet-clay-unfinished-sculpture-like.
Her works are on exhibition in the UK at the mima in Middlesbrough until 15 Feb ( I am definitely saving up for a trip!

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