Friday, 12 December 2008

Party 1980's style!

Indeed! Winter mass migrations down the retail gradient have begun! And, as every year, come December 26th you will most likely be, let's face it, both financially bankrupt and grinding your teeth in a panicky realisation that you have nothing (new, cool, fun and most importantly new) to wear for the first party of 2009. What follows is panic-driven shopping (the kind where you never see anything you like, they're out of your size and nothing fits anyway). I say: stop this cycle of madness!
You know what I'm going to advise, don't you? Vintage! It's cheap and you can get such wonderful frocks through the lazy-person's shop (eBay). So go on! Grab something fun! Just remember to grab a tape measure and wrap it around your curves to avoid any frock-host mismatch.
There is no better time than New Year's eve to experiment with fabulous bygone era's garments! I've saved you some time and popped a few pics of the perfect 1980's dresses which is going to be my party theme of choice in '09. Girls gotta have fun! ;)

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