Monday, 12 July 2010

Brick Lane Street Art

I've had an amazing weekend in London! I do crave a proper city experience from time to time - just to prove to myself that I'm still a city girl at heart. The city was stuffy, dirty, swarming, panting, sweating and drowning in insomnia-inducing heat. Ninety minutes by train but you really land on another planet. The next best thing to the company I was in, was the dominating presence of human creativity in its varied incarnations. Omnipresent inspirations.
I've documented some in pictures, some on paper. Most of these photos were taken on Sunday around Brick Lane - a vibrant artsy area with an abundance of Sunday markets. It's probably my favourite area in London so far, and I'd choose it over a trip to Tate Modern any time!

Yay! Flight of the Conchords reference!:D

At first I thought this face was painted on, but it's actually CHISELED into the wall!!!

An inner tube vending machine!!!:D

Eat cars. Pigeon poops on cars.

Wall monsters!

A drop pf political criticism from around King's Cross and a mural from Noel Street.

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  1. Oh my awesome. I demand full-size originals.