Friday, 22 January 2010

Kristine Moran

There's just something in these paintings... something wild, oily, bursting with raw heat and swarming with colour. It feels alive.
It's suggestive, it's obscured, it's... lewd!
And I like it.

this one makes me think of the female impressionists

this one brings to mind Salvador Dali

This one: Hieronymus Bosch

and this one... a mythological creature!
In order of appearance:
after the last dance. 66" X 48" 2009. oil on canvas.

consummated. 16" X 20" 2009. oil on panel.
merry go round broke down. 60" X 72" 2009. oil on canvas on panel.
relinquished the crown. 38" X 48" 2009. oil on panel.

Weirdly Kristine made me think of another artistic Miss K. Moran (Katie) who I wrote about at the very start of this blog. And if their names weren't strikingly similar, their art could make you ponder a case of shared identities. See for yourself ! Weird, huh?

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