Thursday, 22 October 2009

Halloween movie night?

Apart from any number of vintage B horror movies (can't beat the cheese:) I'd reccomend "Cronos" directed by Guillermo del Torro ("Hellboy", "Pan's Labirynth"). It is a slightly different vampire story centered around the mysterious Cronos device. If vampire+ancient device+parasite+violence+innocence+alchemy+antique shop+mexico sounds like a good choice of components, you give the sum of the parts a go.
Now, the movie is good, but the biggest treat for this symbol freak here, was the device itself. It is just so cool! On top of obvious gestures towards the Egyptian poop-rolling beetles and the baby-eaters of ancient Greece, it has a dial in shape of a snake eating its own tail!

arrow-->snake head:)
Ourouberos is everywhere!:)
For those of you who fail to understand this enthusiasm, I refer to a much earlier blog entry.
Happy halloween!

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