Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Tattoo that's really Forever

I always thought I would be happy to get a tattoo if only I could find the perfect image - something that would... complete me. It would have to be not only permanent but... everlasting?
So I was thinking about something symbolic, ancient and intricate. Ouroberos has haunted me for a while... And I'd follow in Agent Scully's footsteps - she's my hero after all!


  1. yes oh yes oh yes oh yes! i just couldn't be more enthusiastic!:D [and she's OUR hero ;P]

  2. I know, how silly to try and have Scully all to myself... I will share (but only with you honey;)

  3. guess she can handle us two ^^

    as for the tatoo - it's been decided a long time ago that what i need is a she-jester ;)

  4. well, a jester mask will do..