Tuesday, 28 April 2009

May it May
Here's a scoop of things I'll try and participate in Leicester in upcoming weeks:

Fri 1st May
Original Band Showcase Heat 1
featuring: Dead Slow(too emo), Wayward Trippers(meh), The Working Projects(++), Damp Mattress(clapping in songs: +++), Wife Divorces Man Accused of Hotel Leap("Yeah Yeah Whatever" is REALLY good & I'd pay for it! +++). The new music meat battle @ the Musician

Ears and Eyes by ASMO and Sean Clark (Cuttlefish Digital Arts)
As far as I can make out this is an audio-visual performance piece to be broadcast at a side of a building. Starts 7pm @ the PACE Building on DeMontfort University Campus. And it's free:)

Sat 2nd May
Marcus Malone - rock/blues @ the Musician

Wed 6th May
Unit 1 @ the Great Central presents: IDLE - Hall & Sweeney
Exhibition by two guys who use technology as a tool to create modern art? Looks promising... Open: Wednesday 6th May - Saturday 9th May, 12noon-6pm @ the Great Central

Sat 16th May
Transition Leicester Cafe
The once-a-month gathering of individuals concerned with our level of preparation for the Peak Oil era. Apparently fingerfoods are 50p a go. Can't wait!:D 12pm - 4pm @ Bishop St Methodist Church in Town Hall Square.

Lava Lounge Club Night

On the 3rd Sat of every month Lava Lounge returns with the promise of cocktail specials, lounge, exotica, garage, rock & roll and more sounds! @ the Firebug

Tue 19th May (20:00 - 23:00):
Magic Teapot Presents: Youves(new wave/punk yes yes yes!+++), Diet Pills(black metal) and Captain Thunderbolt(first words of the first song of their myspace playlist: "one two fuck you"XD) Definitely maybe. @ the Firebug

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