Sunday, 30 August 2009

Spine: show them you've got one!

I love the delicacte embroidery work juxtaposed with the toughness of the body part it represents. Maybe I'm going too far, but it seems quite symbolic to me: the intricate pilars of our existance are not without vulnerabilities.
And it can be tricky to live without one.

Ronald Abdala, Fall 2008

Next: the ultimate body-con dress!;)

Scapular art dress, Rachel Wright for Etsy

I love the revolutionary concept of this necklace: forward by being backwards! That is, afterall, the essence of a vintage mind.
Reminds me of the wooden dinosaur models I used to build as a kid...

Vertebrae Necklace by Molly Epstein

Speaking of dinosaur models! This is my favourite installation from the Jesus College Cambridge art exhibition I went to see a few weeks ago (and I may - MAY! - have stolen some apples from Jesus's orchard in the process):

By: (whoda' thunk it!) Jake and Dinos Chapman.
The sculpture name is crucial: "The meek shall inherit the Earth (but not the mineral rights)".
Pure awesomeness!

And here I'm adding a picture of my friends to show you the scale. And how cool my friends are.

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