Sunday, 30 August 2009

Amazing Blog Spotted!

Blog: cgunit
Their motto: Daily drugs for artsy people
Art on display: jaw-dropping gorgeous
Verdict: instant favourite!

by Christopher Gilbert
Sexy, disturbing human swarm. Yet dreamlike, mythological, delicate. What could the sleeping beauty be dreaming about?

by Alison Brady

by Craig McDean

by Andy Kehoe

by Elena Kalis

by Slinkachu
I would have thought that making small things and photographing them in real-life environments was an exploited and unoriginal idea. But look at this guy! His art is funny, fresh and definately worth your consideration.

by Ian Pool
Nananananananana nananananananana Batmaaaan!
Love the diner.

by Jeremy Lipking
The colors are profound. I am besotted.

by Daniela Edburg
Good thing they're not wearing pyjamas.

by Brooks Reynolds
This one... So ambiguous! Is she jumping? Is this a frivolous skip of a young ballerina? Or is she suspended by the throat and weighed down by eternity? A real storyteller this one.

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