Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Don't judge a book by its cover - hopefully!


Nick Hornby's new book is called "Juliet, Naked", which is fair enough. What isn't fair is the cover - sadly both the US and the UK edition look... cheap. I think the UK one is worst - like some soppy love novel set in Paris and written for middle aged single mums whose daughters are called Shanel and Princess. And what is with that anyway??? Why do they need to have different covers? Couldn't they make just one but half as bad??
Bottom line, however, remains positive: Nick Hornby is back! And, it appears, not writing for teenagers. I really missed his pitch-black dark side in the last book (Slam). Having said that, it might have lurked in the second half of the pages I never muscled through...
"Juliet, Naked" is out in September.
Meanwhile, I recommend "A long way down" and "How to be good". They are gems in my book collection. Available in paperback from a charity shop near you (my kind of recycling).

And no Mr. "Some Guy", I haven't finished High Fidelity yet... XP

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