Friday, 17 April 2009

Is it weird that I am forever fascinated with the process of aging? How time changes us humans? There is something terrible but miraculous in the physical manifestations of that process. Maybe because it's so in-your-face when you are presented with the evidence, but a part of you remains unconvinced. You'll look at the photos below and think: really?
To illustrate this I chose examples of polish movie stars from the last century - unbelievably beautiful in their time.
I think this is a bit perverse because to a lot of women make fading of external beauty a taboo. To me it's more like a "cool" scientific process. I'm always curious how I will look when I'm old. Sometimes I think I get a glimpse - a bad photo, a distorted reflection on a bus. It all adds to the mystery - like spying on a stranger who remains elusive.

Anna Dymna:

Pola Raksa:

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