Wednesday, 20 February 2013

High time to rock it up a bit

Again on the blog! Just to make sure you've taken notice: the delightful snake-tongued Wesley Morgan
Upon hearing his delicious smoky voice live, in the sweltering heat of the moment, I may or may not have exclaimed that it was not unlike a sensation one has when licking somebody very attractive. 

From the United Kingdom of Great Sounds, this coming summer's likely festival hits:
Velvet Stream - the lovely bouncy band from London

Peyote - the fantastic Rockabilly boys from Bath

Amanda Fucking Palmer needs no introduction. I've been OBSESSED with her new album - Theatre Is Evil - and now know ALL the songs. 


  1. The Wesley Morgan tune is a remix, but you can listen to the original here:

    -- Wesley

  2. Thanks Wesley! And... keep'em coming:)