Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bed, Bath and Beyond!

If you are looking for exciting new things to do you should consider:

1. Seeing Minima Live

Minima is an instrumental wonder-band. They performed a live movie score to the original 1922 vampire classic Nosferatu at the Holbourne museum the other week, and it was fantastic! So much so that I vow to see them again if and when they perform somewhere commutable. Their repertoire includes cult silent cinema hits such as Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Aelita Queen of Mars. A must see!!! Click here for their performance schedule.

2. Listening to Ice Music

Curiosity in Corsham?! Who would have thought!? "Norwegian composer and musician Terje Isungset performs each show using instruments crafted from glacial ice to produce a haunting, ethereal sound." At Corsham's Hartham Park on Dec 1st. Sadly, I will be otherwise occupied, but it definitely sounds like something worth seeing live!

3. Watching a movie (or five) at the Bath Film Festival

Lots to choose from at this year's Bath Film Festival! 14th to 25th Nov - so better book your tickets now! Download the brochure here or pick it up from the Tourist Information shop next to the Abbey.

4. Ice Skating

Because it is so much fun when all the little kids are much much better then you at something!;-) Nov 23rd till Jan 6th will see a sizable skating rink appear  in Victoria Park with 1 hour sessions (including skate hire) under £10 per adult. The last time I put on skates was in NEGATIVE 22 degrees Celsius last February in Warsaw. I lasted a good 20min before my limbs froze off. By comparison skating in Bath sounds extremely tempting!

5. Dressing up to dance

There is nothing like a winter masquerade party! I have heard good things about this pop-up vaudevillian cabaret show night in Cambridge on 1st of December. My costume may have lots of feathers...

6. Browsing at the Market

Fancy getting trampled on by hordes of tourists? Oh shush, you'll come anyway. Because it's worth it. Because there is something magical about the randomness and thrill of browsing dozens of stalls, gaping at fairy lights and getting drunk on cheap mulled wine. I am all for it! I'm especially looking forward to the Transient Graffiti planned for the Abbey and Holbourne museum.

7. Listening to The Bookshop Band

The Bookshop Band write songs about books and perform in independent bookstores. Geek out! Live at Mr B's bookstore on the 6th and the 11th of December. Note to self: do not miss.

Enough for now...;)

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