Monday, 3 September 2012


OK, dig this: it is definitely one of those movies I probably shouldn't admit to liking, but... I can't help it! It's SO disarmingly teenage-y! Packed chock-full of good music and bad ass moves.
It reminds me of my time at Leicester uni - there was this Thursday night out at the Student's Union called Shampoo with 60-70's music AND a free drink if you fancy-dressed it up! I can't even begin to describe how nostalgic I get just thinking about it... When I did go with my friends we were the first on the dance floor and the last ones to leave.
I need Shampoo back in my life!

Here's the soundtrack playlist if you please:



  1. We showed this film at the place I work, it made me want to dance home every day! Except I can't dance....

  2. I want to work where you work!
    Everybody can dance! Some in more aesthetically pleasing way than others, but still.