Tuesday, 11 September 2012


It's time to share one of internet's best kept secrets: the Radiolab archives! THE MOST inspiring, interesting, accessible, science-flavoured story telling action around!

These days I spend a few hours a week crossing the Wiltshire countryside by bus and unfortunately, it seems I have lost the pleasure of reading books on these proud motorised stallions.
I think my car sickness issues began when I was 13 and I spent most of my summer holiday in France playing the gameboy in the back seat of my aunt's car. Ever since I found reading in cars nauseating, but buses were blissfully exempt up until now. My vestibulocochlear apparatus is just not what it used to be... So, to distract myself from the overpowering fragrance of chemically-enhanced industrial strength manure and to be able to appreciate the lush green rolling hills said manure helps to sustain, I turned to listening.
I stream Radiolab podcasts onto my iPhone and tune in just as I get on the coach. It is my secret to coping with infrequent, overpriced, slow and unreliable public transport. In fact I am the only one at work who does not commute by car, and yet I seem the happiest upon arrival.
Radio Lab is why!

Here's just a sample:



Please let us know what you think!

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