Wednesday, 6 June 2012

E. M. Cioran quotes

"The devil pales beside the man who owns a truth, his truth."

"Torn from the goal, from all goals, I retain, of my desires and my displeasures, only their formulas. Having resisted the temptation to conclude, I have overcome the mind, as I have overcome life itself by the horror of looking for an answer to it. The spectacle of man - what an emetic! Love - a duel of salivas. ... All the feelings milk their absolute from the misery of the glands. Nobility is only in the negation of existence, in a smile that surveys annihilated landscapes. Once I had a 'self'; now I am no more than an object... I gorge myself on all the drugs of solitude, those of the world were too weak to make me forget it. Having killed the prophet in me, how could I still have a place among men?"

Both from E. M. Cioran's "A Short History of Decay" -  a book that caught my eye while browsing through titles on Amazon (though a great believer in the institution of bookshops, I have to make do in the cultural wasteland I regretfully temporarily inhabit...). Is it weird that this guy makes complete sense to me???
Hooray for random book finds!

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