Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Watch and read

These photos make my eyes twinkle and my travelling bone ache. Unbearably.
The author is the talented Ms. Erin McCown (featured recently on Booooooom). I can't believe just how much these images made me think of The Sisters Brothers. Maybe not SO surprising given Ms. McCown's current residence in... yes! Portland Oregon.

For those who spend the last few months in a book-less kindle-less cave, The Sisters Brothers is the flavour-of-the-month whooping success of a novel by Patrick DeWitt. It concerns two killers travelling the wild west of the 1850's on a mission which proves to be... not exactly what they expected. But oh! there is so much more to it (of course). The consuming story is packaged tightly in sublime crisp prose. It's almost suspicious that a book this good has gained actual popularity. Weird. Don't let it stop you from reading it!

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