Sunday, 15 January 2012

North Wales

Saturday's sunset

Sunday's sunrise

One sunset and one sunrise in Snowdonia is all it takes to become completely besotted. New spring in my step, stupid smile beaming from my frost-numbed face - the works! I watched Never Let Me Go last Thursday and it was a very good movie but so painfully sad it got under my skin. Suddenly all these emotions I keep at bay started vibrating inside me. Louder and louder. I was mourning. I got scared.
When I woke up the next day I craved to be somewhere that didn't make me feel dead inside. Then P. - in a stroke of planning genius - sorted everything while I was at work and didn't let me know where we were going until we got in the car Saturday morning.


For years friends have recommended North Wales as a definite to-go-to place but again and again I remained sceptical, defiantly skipping the British isles altogether at the earliest holiday opportunity. Now I feel silly. First, my trip to Scotland last April and now this! This... discovery! The dramatic landscapes of sharply contoured towering mountains, valleys dotted with smooth bold lakes and the ocean - THE OCEAN!!! Hiking trails through rich undulating landscapes of copper-browns, frosted whites and deep sea blues. Views that are really REALLY to-die-for (as opposed to views that English estate agents and people in house-hunting TV shows claim to find orgasmic).
Anyway, back to North Wales and its stunning mesmerising emptiness. The silence. The stillness. The rawness. The freedom to just be.
I feel like I've regenerated a limb! A soul limb!