Monday, 19 December 2011

My London Weekend

Adventure begins with Friday night mulled wine...

Up bright and early(ish) for a wander around Shoreditch...
Erm... What's that lurking in the side street shadows...?
Oh yeah.

Next: the Chapel Market - a mix of the expected...
...and old taxidermied animals. And pimp coats. Seal-fur hats. And piles upon piles of dusty fascinating vintage crap you can't even get close enough to touch, for more stuff is in the way. All in what seems to be a very posh crazy lady's living room.
Love. At. First. Sight.

I had to get SOMETHING from there, obviously!

Fruit tea in some basement before the evening entertainment...
...with HypnoPug!

And finally: Dr. Clive's naughty Circus!

An "adult circus show in a tent in Hackney" DOES sound a bit... iffy, but I had a good hunch! To be distastefully amused and visually titillated catch the next Dr. Clive's Circus show in March!

SIGH. I need to have more of these amazing weekends, really...

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