Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hello world!

Maybe it's my new diet that aims to expand beyond simple carbohydrates, maybe it's the chilly fickle spring sunlight, or maybe it's the wonderful break in Scotland I've just come back from - bottom line is: I'm starting to enjoy life again!:)
I have been neglecting my blog and keeping to myself for the past few months. Well, when I say "myself" I actually mean "my revision notes". Nasty, nasty times. But, by some unfathomable stroke of luck and a procession of strange events, I have managed to pass all my exams! I am thus free to roam the world for a while, until my working life begins in August. What a relief! And great news of course, only it did feel like something broke in me this time, it was just a wee bit too much. I needed a few weeks just to recover from feeling completely unable to give a fuck about anything...
But here I am!:) Bright(ish) and ready to rumble! And here are some gorgeous pictures from Scotland - how did I NOT know it was so beautiful up there?!?

It's good to be back;)


  1. Scotland is the most beautiful country going :) Lovely photos!

  2. I absolutely agree! And I didn't even get that far - just a day trip to a Loch near Glasgow... It was so special though... and I traveled in time as well as in space - the spring has not yet sprung there, the foliage is a few weeks behind.