Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Vintage Photo booth

I love vintage photographs, especially those where people seem to loosen their stiff upper lip, or are caught off-guard. It makes the person portrayed so much more... real. I look at this girl and could easily imagine her being alive today, being my age, being a friend of mine. It's such a weird feeling, because this photo is from another time, because she's somebody's grandma. Because she's dead.
It tugs at something in me - my own sense of finiteness, mortality. It is a little bit sad, but it also opens me up to the beauty of passing things.
Big thanks to the person who decided to share these photos! (source here) The caption reads:

These were taken in the mid-1930s in Phoenix, Arizona, when my grandma was in her early 20s. The backdrop is a painted scene of palm trees and saguaros. My Grandmother's name was Mayna Gilmer and she died in November of 2007.

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