Monday, 21 February 2011


Today (Sunday) I got a last minute tip-off about a good band doing a gig at The Musician Pub. It took very little persuading to get me out of the house (I am often bored shitless). In fact, I can't believe how little it took to completely transform my dreary Sunday evening routine into an awesome, spectacular night! Absolutely magical! A very good performance from the supporting That's Not Me (local band from Lincoln, fantastic bouncy pieces featuring an electric banjo! I had real trouble sitting still:) was followed by the delicious main act - the San Francisco's best indie alternative-country band: Or, the Whale! They were amazing! Both bands were so SO enjoyable live! And the cosy, ambient and under-crowded Musician was the perfect place to see them. It's quite possibly my favourite venue ever! It has such an intimate vibe, it always feels like the band is playing just for you:)
I am very tempted to return tomorrow night to see Polly and the Billets Doux! Who's with me?:)

Polly and the Billets Doux
@ The Musician Pub, Leicester
support: Hi and Lo, £7 at the door
doors 8pm, music 9pm

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