Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 --> 2011

I'm sad to see you go 2010, we've been through the works together! But new things are calling to be done, seen, fallen over, touched, tasted, listened to, laughed at, achieved and fudged-up. I am profusely thankfull for the fleeting, blinding moments of happiness that somehow keep on drifting towards me in this sea of everyday chaos and mediocrity. I hope to see more of the people I love in the year approaching. It's gonna be tough, but sweet - I can tell;)

A few snapshots to remember the passing year by, from my lovely 2010 summer trip to Romania. They reflect something calm and otherworldly I've experienced this year, and in times of stress it keeps me sane to try and trace back peacefull I felt when taking these photos.

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