Thursday, 16 December 2010

Death in the Living Room

I am a big fan of bones, fossils and taxidermied pets in everyday living arrangements - to decorate, educate and entertain! Memento mori and all that:) Now this picture here - quite an enviable room, save for the UGLY chandelier and the sofa could be replaced by something less... modern. But the suspended skeleton of the animal (what is it?! I've no idea...) is unbelievably cool! Want want want! My taxidermied squirrel needs dead decorative companions!

picture found here


  1. I think that there are places that that chandelier could look AWESOME. However? This room? Not so much.

    Also: Are those pillows covered with skunk fur?!

  2. I admit skunk fur doesn't sound like something I'd want to bury my face in...
    I like the picture right in the middle which looks like somebody's been throwing knives at!:D

  3. Oh wow, I totally didn't notice that, but you're right!

    Also, I was thinking the skeleton might be a dolphin, but then I realized that dolphins don't have back legs/flippers.

    How about the penguins in cases full of simulated icicles?

  4. Maybe it's... a small whale? or ... a DINOSAUR!!!

    I love those!

  5. It *IS* a Dinosaur! The skeleton got stuck in my brain last night and so I spend some time feverishly googling and found a reference! It is a PLESIOSAUR!

    When I first saw it I thought "That looks like a plesiosaur!" but then I figured that no-one would have a DINOSAUR in a private house. Shows how much *I* know, huh?

  6. Hah!
    I did think about that but... somehow I assumed a dinosaur skeleton would be... much bigger?
    Yes, it was probably RIDICULOUSLY expensive...

    Oh well, I'll settle for a magical creature creatively assembled from bony remains of farm animals ^_^