Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Anarchy in the UK

Very sweet, but I must admit this conveys only a partial truth. To see real carnage, to witness the true dark side of this "polite" society, try to get something from a city centre shop right after Christmas!
Take little over a day of not being able to buy shit, add some "sales" (extremely inflated prices to begin with, picked through stuff you wouldn't want anyway), and the next thing you know the british public descend onto the shops like a plague of blood-thirsty psychotic furies! Forget the student demonstrations getting slightly out of hand, these are your true modern berserkers! Elbowing, biting, shrieking, all for the selfish satisfaction of ruthlessly beating others to the goal: procuring a disposable object bought in the heat of the moment for its "baragain value" rather than for its inherent properties.
Brits have claws to show. Sharp greedy claws...

But mine are sharper.

image found here, artist unknown

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