Friday, 23 July 2010


Since you've been gone
My name is Atlantis

nose full of sea foam
mouth dry from coughing

I'm drowning

behind my eyes
there's just the sand
and ants
and their fucking little labyrinths

Since you've been gone
I glued my fingers together
to catch more goldfish

I try not to be greedy:
one wish at a time

but all I get is the few cruel seconds
just after I wake up
before I roll over

to touch you

My name is Atlantis
the burned down stump of knowledge
the last living proof of our civilisation
up to my fears in water

holding on to my last breath
and little else

My name is Atlantis
Once I was the map of the world
but I peeled off

My name is Atlantis
the maiden, the lover, the crone
and now I'm gone

poem by a wild creature
photo by Gareth Stead found here

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