Friday, 2 July 2010

Homo inhabilis

This week has been like a walnut - so hard to crack that by the time you do, you've chipped three of your finest teeth. But you bite on, smile now slightly pained and crumbled, only to discover your prize to be a horribly bitter and mouldy lump of rot. Next thing you know you're spitting indiscriminately - nut, shell, tooth and saliva flying all over the place. As the curtain closes, the acrid aftertaste haunts you like a ghost haunts an old maid's knickers.
At this point 2 important considerations for the future need to be drawn:
a) one should not crack walnuts with one's teeth, but use a hammer or a rock like a good homo habilis, and
b) one should look at food prior to ingestion.

This intricately crafted metaphor has been sponsored by the vowels of the Phoenician alphabet.


  1. is there any chance of growing the teeth back? :<

  2. I sure hope so! My incisors especially...

  3. Thank god. It would be a shame for you to lose your vampire teeth.