Sunday, 13 June 2010

Snapshots from Amsterdam

A lovely weekend trip, if ever there was one! A city with such a good vibe I couldn't believe I somehow missed it on my European travels so far. Coolness overdose:) The streets of Amsterdam are populated with an army of vintage boutiques, cafes, little bazaars, makeshift markets and second hand bookshops... So many things appealed to me - embelished old buildings, labyrinthian landscape of bridges and canals, the cherished greenery, cocky street art, customised bikes, delicious herring sandwiches... People seem to endorse life so much more openly. And honestly.
It is so nice to land in the light of refreshing ideas once in a while:)


  1. See if you can guess which one is my new desktop background image...

  2. Excellent guess, but not this time.

    Bicycle and Posters.

  3. I have SWAPPED. Not to bwbz, as that might be a little NSFW, at least for a new job. But Bicycle + Posters was too busy, I was losing my icons in it. So I went for Mehh!