Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Imps, cobbles and organ music

Bank holiday Mondays are always a blessing - never more so than if your weekend proper is used up by food poisoning...:(
I'm not sure how I've managed to miss out on Lincoln for so long! It's so attractive and nearby! A mini-York of sorts, with ancient looking buildings housing a selection of delis, tea parlours and at least two bizzare places selling aeroplane electric equipment. The old town was delightfully picturesque. Afternoon glow and bundles of quiet - just the way windy old streets full of architectural hunchbacks and frankensteins should be had!
My ultimate destination itself was very impressive - from the first glimpse of it looming over the lush lincolnshire countryside all the way to the award winning loos. The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln dates back to 11th century and was reputedly the tallest building in the world for nearly a quarter of a millenium (1300 to 1549 when the central spire collapsed). This friendly giant is covered in very inspiring friezes! Demonic scenes being all the rage, of course. And how very raunchy! Makes you wander whether they were/are more likely to arouse fear or other forms of excitement in common sinful minds? Or both?! :D

Beware of groin-eating dog-snakes!

Inside? Imagine sitting in a belly of an enormous stone whale with caleidoscope eyes, propensity for organ music and smoking candles. The music was surprisingly varied: a radiant, life affirming burst followed by sonic energy so thick you'd need a steak knife to cut chunks of air off just to be able to breathe. And back to soothing whistles gently brushing your hair. Meanwhile the stained glass windows are caught on fire by the setting sun, spilling rainbows onto the whale's skeleton. And I become a blissfull human tunning fork reverberating awesomeness...

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