Friday, 23 April 2010

domesticated moss

I've always found moss enchanting - to look at, to touch, to sit softly upon in a forest. So why not try and cultivate it at home? It's free, green, delicate and durable. And this beeing England, there's unlimited reservoir everywhere you look.
A little world of its own, a tiny forest, a shape shifting island. I picked a glass butter dish from a charity shop and set out looking for the right specimen. I found what I was looking for in one of the disused flower pots in my back garden. It's faring well - I put it up on a shelf, on eye level so I can easily look at it close up. I water it a bit once a day. It's awesome:)


  1. What a weirdo, who grows moss in a butter dish. Oh wait I know who, mentally ill people!!!