Tuesday, 6 April 2010

a bit of weekend DIY

So I bought this picture in a charity shop last week for £1.49 - I know, a bit pricey, but I had a plan! As you can see the design is pretty but the colours on the print are faded and/or badly reproduced. So I grabbed some Acrylics from The Works store (box of 20 colours £4.99) and begun my revamping project!:)


So it turned out quite well. All that work while watching the 2nd Season of The Wire... Mmm easter! And here it is in my kitchen:


  1. I like!!! Good work definately added some colour to it, how's the box coming along. :-)

  2. Wow. That came out really well. I like it much, much better than the original, which I find kind of boring.

    I like the suggestion of depth in both the flowers and even the background.