Monday, 22 March 2010

A spoon full of pretty helps the Monday go down!

..."Spring has a way of erasing doubt. Violets, come April, no longer worry that their careers may be over. The miller's son starts to believe once more that he can win the princess. The grass and the spinster alike toss aside their armor of frost..."
- Tom Robbins in "Villa Incognito"
..."We were out at sea. Grey waves with white heads. A thin line in the distance where the sky dropped into the water. There were no birds, no buildings, no people and no boats.
A light wind ruffled us.
...Then we saw the sun. We saw the sun rising over the water, and the light got lauder and louder until we were shouting to make ourselves heard, and I saw the sun on Jordan's face, and the last glimmer of lanterns, and against the final trace of the moon a flight of seagulls that came from nowhere and seemed to be born of the sun itself."
- Jeanette Winterson in "Sexing the cherry"

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