Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Birds and Bees and all Fruit Trees...

Oh I do wish Spring would just cure her hangover already, pull back the curtains and look at us with those pretty little leaves and flowers of hers. In return I propose to write poems and wear adornments in Her name!;)

found on Etsy:)


  1. Great items.
    Thanks for including my designs in your picks.

  2. What a beautiful and cheerful collection! Thank you for including my strawberry pin. We are starting to have warmer air and little shoots popping out of the ground.

  3. I am always thrilled that someone thinks enough to search and find me....and then blog about me is the ice cream on top of the cake! On first impressions your blog is lovely, colorful, and invites one to sit peruse. I agree about Spring, it's time!

  4. I am always honored when someone takes the time to find me . Your blog is lovely, inviting and makes one want rest in it for a time.

    I agree, it's time for Spring. I feel that way about mid January each year.

  5. Nice blog great selections, thanks for including our vintage bird of paradise charm in your blog.
    I love the bee We also have a vintage bee ring in our sister shop I agree I am so ready for spring , I am a nature photographer and I have many flowers & butterflies photos that I am slowly but surely listing in our shop. I just went to a Butterflies in the garden @ the fort Worth Botanical Gardens with over 12,000 live Butterflies & it was lovely to see Butterflies from Asia, Africa. South,Central & North America all together. It was exciting to see them flit from flower to flower, I do believe spring is upon us. I feel grateful to have experienced the wonderful beauty of these special butterflies, I will be adding these photos to our shop soon they need to be shared!
    Thank you again for sharing your blog with us.

  6. Thank you so much for including my purple orchid pin! This is a beautiful collection of spring items!


  7. What a Nice blog and Beautiful collection! Thanks for including my “Buzz” ring in your blog. I’m so honored.

    The terrible storm was away. The crocuses are blooming, birds are singing, we are ready for the cheerful spring time.


  8. thanks for posting my items in your very cool blog. i love it