Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sweet Penelope

I went to see the new Almodovar movie last week and I give it my blessing. It is very much a story-telling production. Bit "lengthy" at times, but speeds up with a healthy dose of blood and sex . Of course you'd expect nothing less from this director. It seems Miss Cruz is Almodovar's muse these days, and I'm not complaining. The exotic, unique and natural-looking beauty CAN and DOES act pretty well. What a relief!
This week I finally got around to watching Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". The movie was okay, as movies about/by/for neurotic people go, but the music is what really stuck with me. I have to say, the crazy yelling couple-fight scenes were brilliant! It was weird seeing the psychopath killer from "No country for old men" as a lover/artist. I wonder if actors prefer to have that one role they're always remebered for, or is it more of a success if they can shed skins fast and never get stuck in one mask for too long?

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