Friday, 18 September 2009

Fashion fix: the very imaginary Diane Arbus

"Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" (2006)

This fashion inspiration is yet another reason for my wanting of a lovely vintage (read: feels less like a selfish sin) fur coat! And there is the dress... that blue, effortlessly chic, perfectly fitted , perfectly perfect dress... Ah, look at the tiny embroidery! *swoon*
Daring in its translucent consistency. Seductive, delicate and shy. Just like her mistress...
I like to think that the garment reflects the revelation Diane reaches at the end of the movie. Maybe she realises the dress fitted her all along? Is that why she decides to embark on a new life dressed just so? With her top button undone and hair let loose... *swoon*
Btw, the whole idea of just leaving everything behind, not even packing a suitcase, having nothing beyond the clothes on your back and a picture snapper in your hands... it's so nonchalant! Outrageously impractical yet wildly alluring. Finally, it's the kind of quitting everyone will gasp and feel relief at (I hope).
Filmwise I didn't expect much picking up the dvd at a discount store, but I was REALLY positively surprised! Kidman and Downey Jr. aren't too bad at all, even though the story is completely made up. It has an Amelie-esque charm to it. And a well-played ending. I'd give it 8/10, including a bonus for the costumes and stage sets, of course;)

And here are some approximations to the unattainable ideal, discovered on Etsy:

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