Wednesday, 13 May 2009

T-shirt of the week

My story with slogan T-shirts goes back to when I was 12. With pocket money came choice and with choice came a light blue top that said in fuzzy black letters: "I Do whatever the voices in my head tell me to Do". XD I know! But my sister's was even better: "My name is... But you can call me Tonight"! She was 10 at the time...
T-shirts are just so good at putting the message across, be it "I'm a skank", "I'm boring" or "I'm not a total waste of space".
I got this one yesterday @ New Look - £8 bargain!
2 more from New Look:

And here's a few from a cool T-shirt design site (relatively reasonable at £11-£22):

And my personal favourite:

I'm also pretty sure I've discovered where Brat (the better looking one from the Flight of the Conchords) gets his signature cheesy attire! Just look at them! $18.98 on Ebay.

And the ultimate winner is...


  1. kya, i remember that Voices t-shirt! :D
    the one on the left, above 'keep kalm' - it's a greek letter KSI :D [wonder why they put it there xD]
    and the kittens totally rule xD

  2. AND the pinguins!