Friday, 8 May 2009

123 l*ve songs
Just to see how cool you are check if you've heard all of these before. If you are familiar with all 3 - congratulations! If not, well, now you are all better.
For more of the good music scroll down to my playlist:)

1.Sweetly-bitter. Best love song lyrics ever.
Jenny Owen Youngs "Fuck Was I"

2. The drunken poet's dream.
The Mountain Goats "Love Love Love"

3. The howl-along. Weirdly morose.
The Magnetic Fields "The Book of Love"


  1. Synchronicity! I am actually sitting in my rental car outside the Bottom of the Hill club in San Francisco, where I am about to go in and see Jenny Owen Youngs. Yay!

  2. an' did You hear Mondo Diao's Dance with somebody? ;) lately i'm just crazy for it @_@