Monday, 27 April 2009

Ethnic Cleansing!
(haha, how very "Bruno" of meXD)
The hippy is back! This time of year, like every year, women around the globe will mount a predictable response to the increasing intensity of photo and thermo-stimuli. While plants build up a layer of chlorofil and generally keep the life on Earth going, we proceed to shave our legs and... moan with disappointment: nothing to wear this spring!
It's true - fashion shifts each season in an exhausted effort to make us spend money to drive the multiple industries behind it. But that's why god invented the "classic looks"! The purchases made in his/their name you can rely on for years and all you'll need is an odd update to keep it looking fresh. Frankly, they are THE answer to global warming.
The archetypes of fashion (though you may know them by a different name) are: the "safari look", the "floral frock", the "rock chic" and our beloved "bohemian hippy". I promise to devote my precious enthusiastic time and effort to all of them but today we will be inspired to put together a fresh version of the ethnic look!
Ok, first off - dresses. Why go for shorts when you can be a goddess;)
Frankly, there is nothing on the high street that quite compares with French Connection. I know, it is pricey and I have yet to succeed in saving up enough money to actually buy one of their... anything. But a girl can dream:)
Bottom line is: they have the best mouth-watering hippy-boho dresses. And here they are:
The Sea Goddess: ______________________The Sexy Peasant:

Embroided heaven:__________She put the lime in the coconut:

Ultimate Ethinc Chic:___________The African Warrior:

Aren't they just lurvely?;) lol, making up names for dresses is ever so much fun! Try it at home!;)

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